'Waterloo Road': Who's your favourite newcomer? - poll

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We've now seen two instalments of Waterloo Road's eighth series, and so far the show's newcomers have taken centre stage with Jade's dramatic first day last week and Lula's unusual troubles in episode two.

The tension between alcoholic English teacher Christine and her concerned son Connor is also building nicely, while Rhiannon looks likely to establish herself as a major antagonist with her bullying ways.

Additionally, Imogen is in the mix as a potential love interest for Connor, while fans have also met history teacher Audrey and Havelock High headmaster Gerard.

But which of the prominent newcomers has impressed you most so far? Let us know your favourite by voting in the poll below, and share your thoughts using the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Who is your favourite Waterloo Road newcomer?
Audrey McFall (Georgie Glen)7.59%
Christine Mulgrew (Laurie Brett)20.02%
Connor Mulgrew (Shane O'Meara)35.82%
Gerard Findlay (Alex Norton)3.29%
Imogen Stewart (Kirstie Steele)16.83%
Jade Fleming (Paige Meade)5.98%
Lula Tsibi (Marlene Madenge)5.54%
Rhiannon Salt (Rebecca Craven)4.93%

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